[Playing with knives]

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Alizee woke with a start and gazed around the room in almost a trance. “What the hell…” she mumbled under her breath as she adverted her gaze from the simple cot she was laying on to the rusted, grime covered walls of her dwellings. Her stomach lurched as she felt the icy cold air beat calmly against her midriff, glancing down she noticed that her black cloth top barley covered her body with its skimpy curves and tight fit. “What is this place?” she thought to herself heartily as she shifted to a sitting position. Closing her eyes calmly she heard a slight sound of movement coming from the left corner of the room. Using her intuition she skillfully reached forward and swiped the tough leather handle of an speeding incoming object and grasped it tightly in her hand.

“Lesson number one Alizee, never close your eyes in an unfamiliar setting.” a nonchalant voice said calmly as he slowly materialized from the shadows. Appeared in front of her was a elfin male with raven black hair and piercing green eyes, the left eye was covered by black mask that also covered his mouth. He wore a “I know I am perfect” expression on his face to match the black leather vest that hugged his body almost too well, along with two rather long swords with a trailing green aura. “You could have killed me ya know.” Alizee said matter-of-factly and twirled the dagger around in the air before swiftly flinging it back towards him.

“Humph.” he said lazily as he stayed perfectly still while the blade nearly cut his cheek and engraved itself in the wall next to him. “You missed.” he said smiling at her as he reached back to retrieve the weapon, he tugged at the handle and it wouldn’t budge. “What the hell..” he mumbled under his breath as he tightened his grip and attempted to pull it from the wall. “Something wrong?” Alizee said smiling at him as she watched him struggle. “Did I put too much force into it?” she said giggling as she lifted herself off the cot and sauntered towards him. The rogue widened his eyes nervously and adverted his gaze. “No.” he mumbled under his breath. “Then let me.” Alizee whispered to him as she quickly removed the dagger from the wall with one hand.

“Names Saber.” he mumbled to Alizee annoyed. “Hmm?” she replied and she crawled over towards him on hands and knees. “Speak louder!” she said to him as she held the blade to his neck playfully and grinned. “I don’t take orders from you.” he said smugly and faded into the shadows. “Aw you wont come play with me!” Alizee pouted. “Not a chance.” Saber’s voice trailed from the cot that she was previously on. Alizee rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

“You know…” she began to say. “What?” he asked her shortly. “I saw you were blushing!” she said teasingly . Saber pulled out a deck of cards and began to shuffle through them lazily. “I bet you were thinking dirty thoughts, huh!” she said proudly sticking a finger in his direction. “Don’t flatter yourself sweetheart.” he said sarcastically as he began to draw the cards from the pile in a pattern. “Oh! But you will play with cards!.” she said exasperated .

“They aren’t normal cards. It’s data.” he said calmly flashing a card in her direction. “What?” Alizee replied confused. Saber handed her a single card with the picture of a Elfin male with brown hair and calm green eyes. “Nikkolai Vegardsen.” Alizee read aloud. “Do you know him?” she inquired as she flipped the card around and scanned the silver print on the back. “Hell if I remember.” Saber shrugged. “A lot of the cards are rather outdated and old since my current missions don’t require them much.

“I’ll update them!” she said excitedly. “Not a chance.” he said shortly and attempted to snatch the card from her hand. “Give it back little girl.” he groaned at her and reached for the card again. “Not a chance.” she said smiling at him and stuck the card down the front of her shirt. Saber’s eyes widened and gave her the “I cant believe you just did that look.”. “You want to come and get it?” she said taunting him as she slid back in her seat. “Maybe I should.” he said grinning at her.

“You WERE thinking dirty thoughts!” she giggled. “Yeah. I will admit.” he said flatly and nodded at her. “Will you teach me the art of data collecting?” Alizee said sweetly. “You have to do me a favor first.” he said blankly to her. “Favor?” she asked him confused. “Do something for me and ill do something for you.” he said shrugging. Alizee placed a finger on her chin in thought and walked over towards Saber carefully until he could feel her hot breath pound against his neck. “Uhm…” she began to say and looked up at him. “Caser!” Saber said quickly and stepped back from her. Alizee spun around quickly and blinked her eyes. “Feeling better my love?” Caser said smiling at Alizee.


Deadlei on Earthen Ring Wikki

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Sorry for the…month absence? I’ve been super busy raiding on Aiyume and such but I will have my blog back in full swing SHORTLY! ^_^”

Also you can find my Wikki page at http://earthenring.wikia.com/wiki/Alleria_Cynestria \


[Those with masks and killing intentions]

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Alizee awoke in a heap on the stone cold ground. Her head was pounding with excruciating pain that blurred her vision. “Arrrgh!” she said violently clutching her head and burying it between her knees. “What’s wrong Alizee dear?” a voice called out to her from the shadows. “W-what?” she mumbled under her breath trying to function what was going on while salty tears streamed down her cheeks.

Am elfin man with a large black mask that covered his face, piercing green eyes, and an excited expression walked towards her and lifted up her chin to face him. “Dear girl…” he said quietly to her as he kneeled down so he was at eye level, then gazed at her pained expression. “M-make it stop…” she pleaded while her heart beat began to speed up. The man drew his face towards hers and carefully licked the tears off her flushed cheeks, then began to rub her quivering ears. “It will stop soon.” he whispered into her ear while he lightly brushed her blonde bangs from her forehead. “You’re getting warm.” he mumbled.

“What is this?” she asked him with chopped words. “I cannot say my love.” Kai replied as he glared at the sky. “Damn you Caser” he thought to himself. “ARRRGH!” Alizee began to yell louder clutching her head even tighter. “K-Kai…” she whispered to him. He then wrapped his arms around her tightly and gently rocked her. “It will be ok…I promise.” he said quietly focusing on his hands, there was no reaction.

Looking down at Alizee he began to pity her even more. He felt her breathing slow down and her body felt more relaxed, she then sighed deeply. “Feeling more at ease?” he whispered to her. There was no response. Glancing down at her he noticed that she was unconscious- sound asleep. “I can’t leave her laying here…” he thought to himself before scooping her up in his arms and carrying her towards a small cot.

Placing her down on it softly and covering her with a warm blanket, he then sat down on the side of her bed. “I’ll keep you safe Alizee.” he said to her before resting his head on the side of the bed and closed his eyes. A few hours later Kai awoke to find Alizee still sound asleep. “That must have drained her.” he thought to himself while he stood up and tightened the fabric around his face. “This place is disgusting…” he mumbled in Orcish as he closed the door behind him and locked it tight, fidgeting with sophisticated locks as he did so.

Strolling slowly and slyly out of his dwellings, he carefully crept away. “Undercity…” he mumbled to himself as he passed forsaken salesmen and shop owners alike. No one seemed to even notice him as he skillfully slipped gold coins from bystanders bulging pockets or sat in on important conversations. For he was on the search for someone and had to gather resources before meeting him.

After over an hour of searching he came across a shady business man holding a large black briefcase tightly to his chest. The forsaken man had rotten, stained teeth, pits of flesh clinging to his body, and scraggly un-kept hair. Slyly Kai sneaked up behind the man and whispered in his ear. “Found you.”. The man merely nodded unsurprised and muttered to himself in Gutterspeak before opening the briefcase. Inside gleamed twelve daggers, all with razor sharp edges and a well polished handle. Some were crafted in differnt shapes with strange auras surrounding them. “Nice.” Kai sid quietly taking a nine inch blade in his hand and examined it carefully. Impressed, he lightly pressed the cold metal against his skin and made a clean cut. Warm, red liquid seeped down his arm as he stared at the blade rather impressed.

The man quirked a brow at him but continued on with his examination. Kai slowly lifted his arm up to his lips and slowly licked the dripping blood. “I’ll take them all.” he said to him abruptly. The forsaken man looked at him suprised. “All?”. Kai nodded and tossed a rather large sack into the palm of his hand. “Knicked it on my way here.” Kai said with an impish smirk while he jingled more coins in his pocket.

The forsaken man looked at him quizically. “It’s all gold Sir.” Kai said flipping a gold peice in his hand. The man merely nodded and slipped the briefcase under Kai’s cloak. “Imported weapons…” the man mumbled to himself. “Oh?” Kai said raising a brow at him. The salesman nodded and Kai slipped a few more gold into his palm, then nodded gratefully and crept back into the shadows.

[Reading between the lines]

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This is the part where I explain a bit of Alizee..not much to comment on im trying to cvt back on useless chatter.Enjoy~ Deadlei.

Well well looks like my little bird has earned her wings.” Caser said grinning as he glanced at Vaan’s limp body on the ground, and then to Deadlei’s laying still. “What a shame. Foolish boy.” he said stepping over Vaan’s body indifferently . Caser glanced at Kai standing on the ground in awe, his ears twitching as he rubbed the temples of his head. Then carefully lifting up his brothers body, he slowly walked away quietly.

Caser looked down at Deadlei, then scooped her off the ground, threw her over his shoulder, and nonchalantly strolled towards his mansion humming cheerfully. Once he reached his destination, he opened the door to his large office and stepped through the door. Glancing around for the right spot, he laid her down in the middle of a large pentagram on the floor and began skimming through a large spell book.

“Wits, cunning, social abilities, blood lust, emotion, bravery…” he mumbled mischievously to himself. “All one needs to survive on their own. Without social skills you cannot gain reliable allies, and with out emotion you cannot be able to meet others needs…as well as your own.” he snickered as he pointed his wand at her and made a glowing like orb shape slowly emerge out of her chest and drift above her body steadily.

“Now what am I to do with half of this girl hmm?” he laughed glancing at Kai who just recently had crept through the doorway still dazed and had began to watch his masters ritual. “She is rather…gorgeous.” he said blankly to Caser. “Perhaps you could make a second Alleria?…”. Caser grinned and shook his head. “I’m allowing her to keep the use of magic, I’ve worked to hard…what a shame for it to go to waste. But perhaps…” he replied tracing a finger towards his chin steadily and flicked his wand once. Deadlei’s body began to shimmer as sparkling dust began to float off of her. Then a bright light flashed once nearly blinding the onlookers and a loud CRACK was heard. Laying on the ground unconscious was a small elfin girl who appeared to be 5’4 and weighed around a hundred pounds. She had golden blonde hair that fell right below her shoulders and had a red flame mark on her neck. “Almost identical…” Kai said awestruck as he compared the two girls carefully. He cupped his hands as he kneeled down and grabbed the second girls chin. “She has the mark I gave Alleria…” he said snickering tapping her neck with his index finger. “Very nice work Master.” he said to Caser as he sat up the unconscious girl and began to play lightly with her hair.

“This girl is sort of like Deadlei’s retainer. She now holds part of her soul. Its YOUR duty to watch over her, in the shadows of course.” Caser said to Kai. “Don’t treat her like a doll!” he snapped at Kai as he began to pinch her cheeks and ears. “Yes Master.” Kai replied as he reached in his pocket and pulled out a azure colored ribbon. Then he swept her hair out of her face and wrapped the ribbon around her hair.

“I shall name her Alizee.” Kai said standing up to examine the elf. “What about Alleria?” Kai asked Caser. “She can go free, but she wont be able to start at the same level of skill she was at before.” he shrugged and then snapped his fingers as she dematerialized into thin air. “You are to take care of Alizee. I know you secretly were planning an escape as well, so therefore I am generous enough to give it to you. But I require this…” he said to Kai as he slowly drained the mana that was in his body. “Now you and Alizee have something to bond over. She will be very ill when she awakens. Enjoy.” he said before walking away. Kai then felt himself growing feint, and passed out cold.

[Death to those who oppose…pt.2]

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Alright everyone, here it is. I dont have much to say so you all have to read for yourself. The next two posts will be up very quickly since I have a week before finals I should have a fair amount of time. Enjoy.

Deadlei looked at Kai’s lost expression as he rubbed the temples of his head and began to mumble to himself in a language she couldn’t understand. Looking at his grim expression sent chills up her spine as she became lost in thought. “That was Vaan?” she said quietly biting down on her lower lip nervously. Kai nodded his head solemnly and gazed into her large green eyes. “I’m very sorry…but…” he began to say. “Why did he do this?” she asked him with eyes full of tears. “For power my Dear…” he replied to her simply. “Alleria…you are very powerful…I’m afraid he’s going to try and take that from you the same way he did in the past.” Deadlei shook her head at him. “No…y-you’re lying…”. Kai looked at her and tilted his head to the side. “I’m afraid not love.” he said to her motioning to the window below them where Vaan was reading a book under a large Willow Tree. Deadlei peered over the ledge and looked at him apprehensively. “But…were going to be married…” she said to him hysterically. “So was Vaan and poor Lady Nicolette.” he said to her simply standing behind her and grabbing her waist. Deadlei spun around quickly and gazed into Kai’s eyes frightened. “It’s ok my love.” Kai said to her softly while he motioned her to follow her down the hallway. “Come, we can have some tea and discuss.”

Caser slid out of his bureau carefully, his plan was slowly coming together and the final pieces were in place. Vaan was still lounging in the garden as Caser approached him with a rather anxious expression. “Master!” Vaan said standing up abruptly and bowing shortly. “What…Why are you out of your office?” he said astonished. “I come out every once in a while my pet.” he said smugly as he gazed around at the lush field annoyed. “I came to discuss something with you.” Caser announced as he threw up his hands skillfully so that he hovered over the air, before sitting down in the nothingness.

“Discuss?” Vaan said quirking a brow. Caser nodded and stroked his beard slowly before speaking. “You are aware of Alleria, and how she slain her father. Correct?”. Vaan nodded his head as Caser continued “I’ve been studying her these past few months, and the one thing that truly gives her ultimate power is destroying those who are closest to her, extracting their power one should say. After the ever so tragic death of Lord Tal the extent of her power grew greatly, almost by about….say…300 percent. Yet if she would have actually had a positive relationship with the man it would have increased by a lot more. Also the fire that burns deep within her eyes, if you had the magical ability like I have to see it had stoked and went wild. A rare case it is but Alleria’s power is greatly effected by her emotions as well as blood lust- just. Like. Yours.” he said smiling.

“Where are you going with this Master?” Vaan asked quizzically. Caser’s eyes widen in surprise. “Why you don’t see it?!” Vaan shook his head. “YOU’RE next! Why, her and Kai are planning it as we speak!”. “Really?” Vaan said growing quiet as he closed his eyes and went into a trance. “Really.” Caser replied with a mischievous grin on his face as he walked away.

“Confront him?…” Deadlei said quietly starting at her china cup still full with a caramel colored steamy liquid inside. “That’s the best thing to do my dear.” Kai replied taking an elegant sip from his cup. “When is the best time?…” she asked nervously. “You are getting married aren’t you? Why not do it now?” Kai asked tilting his head to the side. Biting down on her lower lip Deadlei slowly nods her head clutching her wand tightly in hand. “Let’s go…” she said standing up before walking slowly out of the room with Kai trailing behind her.

The weather was icy and windy as Deadlei stepped out onto the grounds. Clutching her robes tightly to her body she faced the wind and trudged out towards the tree where she saw Vaan last. “Vaaaaaaan!” she called out to the sky looking for a response. Then out of no where a large ball of fire went hurling at her barley missing her face. Breathing heavily her eyes widened, she looked frightened. Thunder clapped violently and she gazed into the sky as if looking for help. “You can be great Alleria…be great my love…” a voice whispered to her. Nodding carefully she continued on, motivated as ever.

When she reached Vaan he had the same expression as he did in the image she saw earlier, with short spiked hair and a malicious expression. “Why did you do this?!” she yelled at him with eyes full of tears. “It was YOU who deceived ME.” he said glaring at her as he charged another attack. “You DARE mess with me?” Deadlei said in a deathly tone, shifting her stance. Suddenly Vaan released a massive ball of fire at her, stealthily she dodged it without moving. “I am WAY more powerful than you.” she said quickly as she smiled slyly and released an attack that made rapid flames release from the ground and spread quickly, burning everything in sight, including Vaan. He staggered carefully and glanced at Deadlei in a different view than before- his trance was broken.

“Oh no…” he thought to himself looking at her fierce expression, he tried to move, but his body wouldn’t allow him to. He tried to speak. No words came out. Deadlei continued to artistically channel spells at him, twisting and twirling almost as if she was waltzing with flames. No words came from her body as she did so, but he could tell by her expression that it was draining her body as well as her mana. “Stop…” he tried saying. “You are going to hurt yourself…”. His body was inflicting the damage sharply, slowly he was dieing.

By the time Kai had caught up he was in awe as Deadlei moved with such grace and skill, yet at the same time the order of his younger brother. “Madness…he muttered to himself as he observed the two.” Finally with a critical strike of her spell, Vaan had fallen. Breathing heavily Deadlei dropped to her knees and clutched her chest. “Alleria…” Vaan whispered. She looked down at him as a single tear slid silently down her cheek. “I…I love you…” he said before he closed his eyes. At that moment Deadlei fell limply on the ground, then Caser approached the scene.

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Alright Guys im awfully sorry its been taking me soooo long to update this! I have everything written out on paper and all I have to meerly do is type it up. I have about 3 posts ready but im in the process of completeing my most recent one (Death to those who oppose pt.2). ALOT has been going on in my life and im only one person, I swear.

Heres a basic overveiw of what is going on in Deadlei’s upcomming posts. I recentally made a rogue named Alizee so for those of you wondering why I havent been on Deadlei in so long thats you reason. She is back in Alea Iacta Est but has no position of leadership or anything, shes a bit nonexistant at the moment since I havent been playing on her. Alizee has a major role in Deadlei’s life and I will explain that in the past few posts but its alot to take in. For those of you who have roleplayed with me in the past on either Deadlei or Alizee you will notice a significant difference in their personality. There infact is a reason that I will explain soon.  Deadlei is level 35 the last time I checked and today Alizee will be level 26 (so shes catching up!) I didn’t realize how long it took to actually level a character but I look at my progress with Alizee and then at D eadlei and I simply have to say “WoW” no pun intended.

Another big upgrade in my life is that on most days I will ONLY be logged on for one hour a day, not including Mondays that we record the Roleplay Tavern Podcast so its going to get a little bit harder for you all to reach me. Sorry don’t send me hate mail/comments. Also my blog as of today if no one has noticed has a total of 724 hits! I know it doesnt seem like a lot but im plesantly suprised, im glad that im getting alot of positive feed back from you all aswell. It really makes me excited to know that I havent totally given up my life to the game. I think its worth it (for the most part).

 One quick and easy way to send suggestions to me or simply talk to me is my email thedeadlei@gmail.com or rptavern@gmail.com but if you are trying to send an email directly to me then just use the first one.

Thats all for now.

Good Luck in Azeroth.

For the Horde AND Alliance- ^_^

[Death to those who oppose…]

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 Hey everyone sorry I havent been able to update in a while my life has been reallly hectic at the moment but im making it through! I would normally write more but I just simply dont have the time today! I’ll have the second part of this post up soon. Promise! <3Deadlei 

“VAAN!!!’ Deadlei yelled pushing open the large double doors to her study. He was no where to be found. “Maybe its best I keep this quiet…” she thought to herself running a slender hand through her long blonde hair nervously. Looking around slowly she spotted the imprint of his body still in the pillows from where he was sleeping along with a small envelope with a gold magic seal around it. Gently picking the letter up she gazed over at the top, it read “To Deadlei” is golden lettering. Flipping the letter open she tore at the seal. It wouldn’t budge. “This is odd…” she whispered placing the letter on the top shelf of the nearest book case. Flicking her hands once all of the pillows re arranged themselves and the candles extinguished, the room was now only dimly lit by the sun creeping through the curtained window. Troubled she stepped out of the room sealing it so only she could enter and began to walk down the same hallway where she spotted Kai. Only this time it was very brightly lit and sunny. The crystals floating in the air were illuminated by the sun, and a faint melodious tune played in the air. “This is awfully different from before….” she thought to herself looking for where Caser might be at to confront him about the handsome relative she would be soon to have. Then she froze in front of a large sparkling door and knocked softly. “Enter.” a manly voice called out to the door.

Deadlei walked through the door quietly and shut it behind her. “Ah Deadlei.” Caser said quietly sitting in a massive arm chair surrounded by large books. “Hello Master.” she said quietly. “What brings you here young one?” he inquired of her scratching his chin slowly. “There was a young man I happened to have came across his morning…” she began to say. “An intruder?!” he interrupted. “No Sir… he referred to himself as Kai.” she said looking around his office. Caser had a stern look on his face as he picked up a large book and began to skim through the pages carefully. “I see..” he mumbled to himself before glancing over at Deadlei still standing by the door.

“You look troubled?” he said to her displeased. “N-no Sir..” she said straightening up, he grinned and then beckoned her to go near him. She approached him slowly and carefully watching her step to make sure she wasn’t crushing anything beneath her feet. Caser grinned at her and ran a hand through her long blonde hair. “So beautiful you are my daughter.” he said focusing on his hands keenly, Deadlei shivered but stood still. “So you met Vaan’s brother, yes?” he said with a malicious smile. Deadlei nodded. “And your thoughts?” he asked her closely. “He…showed me some of his past.” she said quietlyCaser laughed and sat back in his chair. “So you saw a girl, correct?” he asked her covertly. “More than one.. There was a younger and…” “Nicolette.” Caser said simply setting down his wand. Deadlei nodded. “How do you feel about that?” he asked her craftily. “I don’t.” she said sternly looking at him in the eye. “Very good my dear.” he said softly clapping his hands. “Are you still curious?” he asked her again. “As long as it enhances my power.” she replied almost as if it were recited.“Well. I find it more proper to have a witness himself show you.” he said clapping four times and waiting. From a back door of Caser’s office came Kai in a long black hooded cloak rubbing his eyes sleepily and yawning. “It’s nearly 12am master. I was enjoying a good days rest.” he said lazily flinging his wand around before taking sight of Deadlei. “Recognize this beauty?” Caser asked him irritated. “Ah lovely Alleria!” he said cheerfully before taking her hand and kissing it. “You forgot to charm them both I see.” he said shortly. “She woke up while you were still roaming.” he said glaring at him.Kai turned to Caser and mumbled some words to him that seemed to be in a different language. Noticing her confusion he smiled at her and simply said “Orcish.” Then he took her by the hand and lead her out of Caser’s office and into the same hallway where they first met. He smiled at her and then walked slowly towards where she was standing. “Why are you blushing?” he said to her calmly before lightly touching her cheek with the back of his hand. “I-I am not…” she said nervously looking around. “Oh.. I think you are.” he whispered in her ear breathing hotly down her neck. This caused her whole entire face to turn scarlet.

“You know… I don’t really think you love brother dearest now do you?” he said with an impish smirk on his face. Deadlei looked at him expressionlessly. “Hmm?” Kai said to her again before lightly lifting her chin so that she was at eye level with him. “I don’t know…” she said quietly still gazing into his eyes. “Well what DO you want Alleria love?” he said to her. “Possibly…independence. Perhaps?”.

She didn’t answer. “Well unlike my brother I consider my self more…grown” he said grinning mischievously at her. Then he leaned in closer and lightly brushed his lips against hers causing all her senses to instantly freeze. Then he stepped back. “You enjoy that. Don’t you Alleria?” Kai asked her chuckling to himself. She guiltily nodded her head and looked down shocked. “Well then…” he said again before lifting up her chin and this time pressing his lips tightly against hers and began to twirl her hair between his fingers before sharply pinching her neck “Ouch!” she yelled. Then he pulled apart suddenly to examine her expression.

“You seemed to be frightened of Master.” he said slyly. Deadlei then began to rub her neck painfully. “Ah… seems as if I over did it…” he said examining her neck. “Here.” he said quietly while he grabbed a hold of stilly and ran his tongue along the length of her neck, she felt chills go up her spine but the pain was replaced with a tingling sensation that left her grinning. “Now what I came her for.” he said skillfully waving his hands around forming a portal like image that showed a picture of a boy sitting quietly in a room in deep meditation. Then Kai closed his eyes and the image began to move.

“Come on Vaan!” a voice called into the room annoyed knocking hardly at the door. Almost as if snapping out of concentration the boy had a malicious smile on his face that almost looked devious. His long white hair was now short and spiked, his stance was more forsaken-like, and his all around expression looked deadly, the total opposite of what he was normally like. Clutching his wand tightly in his hand he muttered under his breath “I’m going to get you Kai…” and opened the door slowly. “Vaander you look absolutely dreadful!” his mother said examining her son and narrowing her eyes. “Say it again. I dare you.” he growled under his breath to her. His mother sneered at him “Foolish boy.” she said pulling his hair on one hand so that she got a good grip. “Try me.” she said looking at his straight in the eyes. Then Vaan began to mumble something under his breath and then whispered softly. “Give me your power.” then with a bright flash of light the room instantly became encircled in flames, while there laid his mother, limp and useless on the ground.Almost in a trance all Vaan began to repeat was “Kill Kai….” while he charged through the hallways of his house setting anything instantly on flames whenever he glared at it hard enough. The overwhelming power of killing seemed to control him completely and his lust for blood grew stronger and more fierce to the point that he wasn’t himself. Examining his red painted hands from the first victim he moved on to the next. “Dearest Sermia…” he whispered into her ear before striking her in the back with his claws, while her screams were muffled by the eruption of flames that tore down the walls of her room.